198@Riviv Red poor life| Ukraine cooking for himself with potatoes ★ or eggs every day

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


Day 2 of your stay in Riviv

Very cheap hostel. It’s not uncomfortable.

I was free, repaired the tube and cleaned the chari.

We have plenty of time, so let’s do it slowly.

Today’s Meshi

Fluffy but egg-softened, consomme style


Day 3 of your stay in Riviv

I want to buy and maintain bicycle parts, but I don’t have any money ~

What’s the matter with you?

The stand is too inconvenient to break.

It’s a lot of stress.

Buy it now.

New Stand

Um, shiny and cool.

Bicycles are the lifeblood of this trip, so don’t give priority to yourself.

My wallet has become lighter, but I have no regrets.

Favorite Hat

4th Day of Stay in Riviv

It’s hard to have a string.

I’m better than eating potatoes, but…

No more, do you consume ingredients and make them?

Make omelets using valuable ingredients

Day 5 of your stay in Riviv

Omelet and bread today.

Would you like to go to The Riviv Central Post Office?

I haven’t heard from you, but maybe I’m arriving.

To the post office

I gave in to temptation and bought bread (about 30 yen per one)
My wallet became lighter! !

The city center is crowded.

Walking around the city is fun.

I don’t know anymore about buying
soft serve ice cream (about 60 yen).

Cables and headphones

I wonder if I’ll come to buy it when I get the money~

I arrived at The Riviv Central Post Office.

In conclusion, the card had not yet arrived.

When I told him that I was in trouble, I was able to promise to email me immediately as soon as it arrived.

I splurge today~
* I don’t have any money.

There was a sweet side of me, but they absolutely forgive me, both roma who made the cause of this.


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