196@Morokosi Extremely Poor Trip | In Rohatin ★ Ukraine where the remaining money is less than 10,000 yen

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


Ibanofrankovsk, Day 3

Your strength is back, too.

It’s time to go.

Finally, I caught The Riviv of the goal (the expected arrival point of the International Cash Card).

132km more?

The difference in elevation is also intense, and it looks tight in a day, but if you divide it into two days, it will be okay.

I arrived earlier than I thought, but the consumption of gold was unexpectedly intense.

It rubs it down fast by somehow the rent and the meshi fee.

All holdings are already less than 10,000 yen.

Is this all right?

Well, it is unavoidable even if it thinks.

You’re going to get mesered.

Do you go?




Chari’s gear made a strange noise.

Ah, if you don’t use bicycle oil,

I didn’t buy oil because I didn’t have enough money, but if it makes such a sound, it’s no longer good.

I have no choice but to buy oil.

The cheapest oil purchase ~

It’s a mess. I’ve lost my money again (laughs)

I poured the oil I bought immediately.

It’s a good run! !

After all it is different if it is oil~

I bought oil and I wonder if I will use it for gear every day from today.

I wish I could go about 60km today.

If you cross here, there will be almost no accommodation until Riviv.

I’ve blown chari!

I’m fine today!


I got to the inn.

There is nothing around at the inn next to the main road.

Is it possible to save a shop at the inn?

However, it is regrettable to buy bread.

I’m running out of money.

The other day, I took out the super cheap sorghack purchased at the market and headed to the kitchen to have it chin in the microwave.

My brother in the kitchen chins morokoshi in the range! !

Morokoshi Meh! !

What is this extreme poverty?

I eat and run, or I’m not yaba w

Oh, I want to eat juice and meat.

But I’m patient.


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