184 @ Independent State, Moldova, Along donistol ★?

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –

Oh, Tiraspol!


Tylaspoli Day 2

Fresh morning

After all, the tent is the best.

eat breakfast at a café

The taste is so-so.

I think I can use a card in this country.

It’s 100 yen for 16 Moldova Ray. I see

Pictured with a young man in Chiraspol

Who has a

All right, let’s go.


The aim is to reach chisinau, the capital.

There was an inspection when going out of Tiraspol for a while.



It’s strange that it’s not a border, isn’t it ????

I’m hungry.

Do you want to eat at the restaurant?

Bean dishes

Yes, it’s cool.

I ate it.

Do you want to pay ~

I went to the cash register and tried to pay.

Aunt “*’&’&’! ’%#’! &#(” Don’t shake your head

I wonder if you can’t spend that money.


I checked the banknotes, but this is the one I got from the authentic ATM.


I tried to ask my aunt what it was like, but I couldn’t understand the reason because I couldn’t understand the words at all.

What if. If you can’t use banknotes, you’ll inevitably end up eating and drinking no money.

I asked if I could use the card for the time being, but it was impossible.

Do you want to wash the dishes?

Aunt said something and smiled “*’=*”’=*#”! ! #」


Is it a nuanced “feast”?

I thanked my aunt and left the store.

I’m so sorry.

Well let’s see.

What do you mean?

I checked Google Maps, but this was Moldova.

This is the first time. I don’t understand the meaning.

Why don’t you ask at a guest house in the capital?

The staff at the guest house can speak English.

I decided to hurry to Chisinau.

The sentencelessness is tight.

I don’t want to be care careable about money until the situation is known.

Oh, my God.

I tried my best to Chisinau while I couldn’t use money and couldn’t even buy water.

Arrival at Chisinau

Oh, oh, oh, yes.

I’m tired.

Town of Chisinau

After checking in to the guest house, I asked the receptionist what it means.

Well, there is an unapproved state called “The Republic of Donistol” near the border between Moldova and Ukraine.

“So that unapproved country made even the currency without permission.”

“Moldova can’t accept that kind of country, let alone the currency of that country.”

“That’s why you can’t use the “Currency of The Republic of The Republic of The Republic of The Transgovers”, and of course you can’t exchange money.”

Red: Republic of Donistol Territory

No, I’m sorry.

I was passing through the Republic of Donistol before I know it.
There was a mysterious checkpoint rationally.

That checkpoint is the Moldova/Donistor border.

I was off guard because there was no sign of war or security.

If you liken it in Japan, hiroshima made “Sacred Carp Empire” independently and
decided the currency without permission such as “1 momiji“.

I can’t admit it. . .


I asked my sister if she wanted to do something about the 9,000 yen in the currency of the Republic of Donistol, and lend her wisdom.

Maybe yami’s money changer is in Chisinau.

Hey, I recommend you take a bus to The Republic of Donistol , change money, and come back soon.

Oh, maj. It’s troublesome, but I can’t help it.

I gave up about 2,000 yen, but 9,000 yen is a little.

Do you want to go?


My sister gave me a bus timetable and told me the location of the bus stop.

Thank you.

I was heading to the bus stop.

Today’s travel distance

About 75km to
Chilaspol → Chisinau


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