181@Price super cheap and rice is delicious country ★ Ukraine

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –



There were various things from Hiroshima in Japan and came to Odessa (Ukraine).


The ferry across the Black Sea finally came from Georgia to Odessa (Ukraine), the terminal point.


We got to the port.

As usual, after entering Japan, run to the ATM immediately and get cash.

But you’re subtly away from the city of Odessa.


Compared to Baku in Azerbaijan, which was 80km away from the Ferry Port, it is quite good.

Take 20km into the city


There was a delicious rice.
Yes yes!

It is white rice after a long time. I asked for a saba roll and ate it.

About 160 yen, stupid cheap.

This is comparable to that of Vietnam.

It may be cheaper than Vietnam if you think of it as this price in urban areas.
(Prices were high in the Capital of Vietnam.) Rural areas are cheap)

Milk coffee at the café, 14 hrybuña (about 60 yen)

It is foolish cheap. It’s awesome.

I couldn’t go to Azerbaijan and Georgia because it was about 200 yen for a cup of coffee.
The food is cheap, delicious and wonderful.

In Georgia and Azerbaijan, dining food is not so cheap, so I did not eat at the cafeteria on the way,
and sometimes I ate and saved salad with wiener and bread and juice purchased at the market.

In Ukraine, it seems that you can use the cafeteria casually.
With this, you don’t seem to have to worry about nutrition.

This could be even cheaper in rural Ukraine if it’s in urban areas.

Supermarket bread: About 33 yen a piece.
It’s usually delicious.
Let’s use the supermarket from now on

Normally, in a country with such a sharp price, there is no supermarket.

* Example Vietnam (supermarkets are only in urban areas, rural areas are only local markets and there are no list prices, so they are rip-up)

Prices are cheap, supermarkets are also available, so you can buy things at the list price.

Wow here.

Arriving in Odessa
sushi restaurant??

I’m worried that there is only salmon, but it looks delicious.

The track of the tram feels good

How do you manage your cell phone?

I’m not going to talk about using the Internet.

Sim purchase!


I got to odessa’s inn.

Today’s Inn

It was an inn in the basement.

Oh come on.

Bread and soup that the innkeeper gave me

That’s enough. Let’s eat this and go to bed today.


From the port to the town of Odessa

Today’s mileage: About 20km


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