182@ Odessa Tourism and Smartphone Repair ★ Ukraine

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –

Oh, Odessa!


Odessa Day 2

According to the information, Odessa has an underground catacombs.

The catacombs were cemeteries, and they seemed to have become underground labyrinths in the previous war.

What an exciting facility.

Would you like to go?

So I looked for the place of the catacombs entrance

It’s like this area.
On the map, this should be
the entrance to the underground labyrinth. It’s a normal warehouse by all.

It’s kind of closed.

Too bad.

It seems that it is not possible to enter if there is no guide very much.

It’s a guide or taigi. Is it enough?

I couldn’t see what I wanted to see only in Odessa, so I lost my reason to be here.

Will you leave tomorrow?

Lots of stylish cafes in
the city

I enjoyed Odessa in the afternoon.


It looks delicious salmon.

evening meal

As cheap and high quality as ever

Let’s eat a lot and save fat now.


Odessa Day 3

It’s tough. I can’t charge my phone anymore.

Or rather, the maximum value of the battery seems to have decreased so that it can not be charged.
Let’s go to the repair shop to replace it tomorrow.

The smartphone is a travel information gathering tool, the
iPhone is in a bad condition. I have to fix it immediately.

I went to find a cell phone repair shop.

a mobile phone repair shop

Battery is being replaced.

The price of the 850rph (3,700 yen) battery was 720rph, so the labor fee was about 130rph 600 yen.

cheap. It takes more than twice as much in Japan.

The iPhone should be fixed in low-price Ukraine.

I tried to ask for repair of the sound crack of the earphone jack and repair of the screen crack,
but I decided to go to a different store because it was three days in construction period.



I went to another store. It seems to be earphone jack repair work period 1-2 days.

Summer is short, so I want to go suddenly, but if I don’t fix it here, I probably can’t fix it anymore.
Can’t help it. Do you want me?

It was said that the crack on the screen would cost 13,000 and stopped.


It’s not much different from Japan. Maybe the LCD fee is endlessly high.

That afternoon…

I found a huge market when I was wandering around.

Procurement is likely to be progressing.

I found a shop with military bargains. Military sidebacks were available for about $5. It is a second hand, but it seems to be durable because it is military supplies.

A lot of dry food of various fish.
If you dry the fish you caught, it’s going to be a preserved food. I feel like I can make it myself.

In addition, I purchased a knife, ac adapter, pen, electric heat coil, bicycle lock, straw hat.

They are well-sourced

After that, I went to the hypermarket I went to yesterday to buy a parts cleaner.

I also buy sake and side dishes.

This country is the best because it sells prepared side dishes at supermarkets.

You don’t have to go to a restaurant to find cheap, luxurious and nutritious rice.

At night, at the inn

Dinner (side dish)
super good

Around 8 p.m., I noticed that when I was drinking beer, I got an e-mail from the repair shop.

“The iPhone can be repaired for about 4,000 yen to replace parts, but can I fix it?”

I put out a go sign without hesitation.

→ to come to pick it up at 10:00 tomorrow morning.

It’s good to work fast. That’s great.

The rest is perfect if it’s fixed properly, but you probably won’t worry.


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