192@ Meet the Strange Old Man| Potosiani → Sileto Town ★ Romania

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –

Now that your card is lost,


We have to decide what to do from now on.

The card was reissued.
→ the period to arrive at the new card seems to be 2-3 weeks.

Staying here in the meantime is inefficienic in a variety of ways.

Therefore, the card will be transported to the post office in Riviv, Ukraine, and the goal is to arrive within 2-3 weeks.
Prices in Ukraine are so cheap that if you stay, it’s probably a choice near the Polish border.
Funding is also limited.

Let’s save super from now on.

To Riviv, Ukraine!!

If you decide to do so, you’d better go by.

Will you leave tomorrow?


Potosiani Day 2

For the time being, do you aim for Cernovzi?

Farewell Potshani

Let’s enter Ukraine as soon as possible.

To be honest, Romania doesn’t want to be there anymore because security is too much.

The goal is to get to Riviv in two weeks!

Hurry up.

It’s raining when I thought.

I think I’ll shelter from the rain in the store.

Do you want to drink in the café?
There’s a slot.

3-stage 4-row slot!!
It’s changing~~

Slot is not interested, so it’s through.

The rain has stopped.

I’m going to go.



They go on a country road

Let’s take a rest around here today.

I was going to go into the right hotel and rest.

Today’s dinner: Beer, chicken, fried rice and salad

Next day

It began to work after daytime, and it attached to the town and Siret in the border in the evening.

There was a restaurant that seemed delicious on the way, but I couldn’t read the menu and fees, so I had to save money that I gave
up entering.


Arrival at Silleto

There are three things to do here.

Exchange of Romanian banknotes (Romania → Ukraine)
accommodation for food


I don’t have this town and anjuku.

I couldn’t find the kind of accommodation I wanted, so I went to the supermarket to get food first.


Food GET!!

I was too hungry, so I pakpaked food in front of the supermarket.

It’s already pitch black.

Dark nakajuku search

I opened the map.

Old man, “Are you a traveler?”

A strange man came to me.

I observed my old man.

A good person Aura full-open person looks good face ~
I do not smell dangerous like Roma at all.

Let’s talk while being vigilant.

I’m a traveler, I’m looking for a money exchange office and a cheap hotel, but don’t you know this?

Old man “The exchange office is already closed today, and the cheap inn is not in this town ・ I’m remodeling my parting into a guest house, but if you like, will you stay?” It’s okay for 800 yen per night. I used to travel, so I want to be some kind of help.”

The man was smiling with a good face.

So far, don’t sign of a crook from your old man.
If it were Roma, I wouldn’t use such a round-handed trick.

The man told me a good exchange office for rates.
Thank you, I’ll be saved.

I was guided by the old man’s car and went away from the old man’s house + away.



Away, it was dirty.
However, it seems that there is no problem on the hygiene side by the dirt only of not being arranged.
The room was casually littered with chests and bookshelves, but I only use beds.
The bed sheets changed.

You only have to sleep in a sleeping bag on the sheets just in case.

I ate away, ate rice and slept.

It’s a good face for the uncle and me

2-day mileage: about 65km

A little more to the Ukraine/Romania border


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