197@Riviv’s cheap inn | amazing 150 yen ★ per night Ukraine

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


Oh, Rohatin!


I’m hungry, but I don’t have the money to eat out.
(Even if prices are very low,

Breakfast is Morokoshi DA! !

Wow~ Gorgeous ~ (Crying

We’ll get to Riviv by the end of today.

Through the town of Rohatin
It’s fine weather.

Lack of nutrition does not produce strength.

Let’s do our best

That’s a good way.

On the way, the front wheels punctured.

Fix it crisply by replacing the tube.

Let’s do the hole of the tube at the inn.

On the way, a violent shower came.

Rain shelter until you stop

6 hours of rubbing chari.


I got to Riviv.

The remaining money is about 8,000 yen.

In the worst case, it is expected to be stranded for about two weeks.

Find the cheapest place to stay


I was serious about looking for a cheap place.


As a result, I found a guest house for 150 yen per night.

It’s here. This is the only place.

Perhaps there will be no cheaper places to stay in this town.
* Maybe the cheapest in the world

And can you use the kitchen?

Do you survive eating morokoshi or potatoes every day?

A 150 yen guest house

The inside is surprisingly decent and not dirty.
The sheets will be replaced properly.

Let’s go out to get food.

Near the hypermarket found!!

Oh come on

I was able to buy vegetables at a very low price.

I also bought pasta.

Let’s cook for dinner.

It is tight because it does not eat a decent meshi though the momentum is terrible.

I feel like I’ve lost weight.

I made sauce with tomatoes, garlic and consomme that I bought at the market and made it with pasta.

It is not meaty, so it is not enough, but it is delicious.

Or rather, the pasta itself is delicious.

What is this chewy noodle with a body.

It’s too delicious.

It seems to be a kind of linthine when examining it.

European pasta should be scary.

Let’s go to bed today.


Today’s travel distance: About 75km

I arrived at Riviv.


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