195 @Ivanofrankovsk’s brother and sister | ukraine eating pasta and seeing ★ the lake

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –




Next, let’s aim for Ibanofrankovsk.

About 100 height difference?

Well, it will be an easy victory.

Let’s go!

However, it is unlikely to take two weeks until Riviv ~
It is going to be a while, but it is likely to wait for a while .

Will the money have?

There are quite a lot of cars~

Oh, my God!!

I was in good shape, so I got it away.

It’s past noon.

Thanks to the blow,


I arrived at Ibanofrankovsk earlier than I thought.

a beautiful park


Do you want to eat ice cream?

Hey, my God!

What a lake that feels good


I’m hungry.

Let’s ask for a hot dog and a

Hostels of the Day

It’s 471 yen
cheaper per night! This is cheaper than Vietnam!!

Honestly, I’m saved because I don’t have cash.

I’m getting tired from moving every day, so I want to take a full rest for a day tomorrow.

Today’s hostel!

The bedroom is equipped with wifi!

I had time, so I repaired the perforated tube outside.

It was very conspicuous.

For dinner, I cooked and ate rice with my brother and sister who were at the guest house.

It was delicious.

We had a pleasant chat, but Aniki said ukraine’s prices were too low and painfully underage.

Do your best to economic growth!!

I went to see the lake in the evening.

It’s beautiful~

I will not forget the meshi I ate together.

The brother and sister seemed to have only one night, and left the next day.

that night

In the bedroom, the other bed guys were drinking and making noise.

If you look at the clock, it’s 2:00 a.m.

You guys do it outside, you’re so.

I wanted to sleep in the tent.

The next day.

I’m short of sleep.

I couldn’t get tired.

I would like to stay consecutive nights, but I moved the inn because I could not help it again if it was noisy again.

It’s a hotel near the airport.
If it’s a private room, there’s no one to make noise…

The hotel private room fee was 600 yen.

This country is very cheap and prices are low.
The price is too great at the hotel near the airport.

Today’s mileage: About 60km


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