199@ cash runs out & survives with iPhone as collateral in Leviv ★ Ukraine

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


Day 6 of Your Stay in Riviv

Because I splurge the other day,

The funds are about 2,500 yen.

I don’t know how many more days the card will come, but I can’t get a real yaba.

Fluffy potato, European pepper style

Today’s Rice: Potatoes x 3 Meals


7th Day of Stay in Riviv

The aunt of the guest who saw my sad meshi said that it would eat together.


I ate a decent meshi with meat after a long absence.


8th Day of Stay in Riviv

endure with potatoes

If you grab all day without getting up from the bed, you will not lose your stomach too much.

Day 9 of Your Stay in Riviv

I’m tired of potatoes. They make pasta and eat it

10th Day of Your Stay in Riviv


11th Day of Stay in Riviv

When I went shopping for groceries, I had less than 500 yen in the remaining money (laughs).

If you use up this, you can’t really do anything.

I can’t help it, how do I get the rent required every day?

I decided to talk to the owner.

I”Actually, I don’t have cash now, I will definitely pay later, so I wonder if you can stay at a postpaid rent?”

Shopkeeper “Impossible”

That’s right- lol www

Well, what to do.

If money doesn’t come as it is, is it calculated to be kicked out in three more days?

I don’t want to use tents because there are many cases where security is the lowest in such a country with prices.

Then I’ll secure iPhone 6, if I can’t pay the rent, go sell this. It’s over 10,000.”

The owner said, “That’s fine, you can stay as long as you like.”

Thanks to the iPhone, it was saved.

The main body fee is unusually high, but the name recognition is also high, so you can use it like this ~

12th Day of Your Stay in Riviv

I couldn’t even grubble because I don’t have an iPhone (I made it collateral).

I had too much time to chat with the guests.

13th day of stay in Riviv

The card hasn’t come yet.
Food is bad.

14th Day of Stay in Riviv

Food is decreasing. It is foolish to eat even potatoes.
The guest’s aunt cooked dinner and had a feast.

15th day of stay in Riviv

How late is everything?
A bit of anxiety.

I started to look at selling my equipment and electronics.


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