188@ Begging Encounter and Palm Town Sightseeing ★ Romania

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


Palm Town Day 2

I’m tired, so let’s take a break while strolling around town.

The town is pretty beautiful.

Would you like to go into the supermarket and buy rice?


There was a begging at the exit.

Moreover, it begs positively at random.
It is momentum which seems to be chasing around by hand.

The begging almost touched me, so I shook it off and walked away.

What are these guys?
Aggressive begging is the first time in my life…

Or rather, it’s aggressive begging ≈ looting???

Let’s be careful from now on.


Do you want to go sightseeing for a moment?

church I’m not sure
I’m not sure church 2

Sightseeing alone is still subtle.

Will you hit tomorrow and go next?

Next, we will aim for the town of Potosiani.

The big road (yellow route) is a detour, so I decided to shortcut it.


Well, you can manage it.


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