183@Chilaspoli| mobile phone repair completed ★ Ukraine/Moldova

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


It’s good to get to Europe, but what shall we do now?

Now early July

Midsummer is almost coming.

Do you go northwest because it’s hot? Let’s aim for Poland.

Europe, which is extremely cold in winter, has no choice but to leave summer.

Do you want to go to Poland?

Odessa Day 4

Well, I did what I did.

After collecting your smartphone, let’s go towards Poland

You look close to getting through Moldova.

The cell phone was crispy recovered.

The earphone jack was sick.

I’m going to do it, Kazakh’s mobile craftsman.

We’re leaving.

Bye Bye, Odessa

Odessa Chinchin Train
Odessa Suburbs

It’s straight to the horizon.

It’s almost a border.

Oh, my God.

There’s quite a little.

And it’s getting dark.

This may be bad.

We got to the border.

Europe also has borders.

Ukraine is not included in Europe??

Well, that’s fine.

let’s go.

Aim for the city before dark!

Oh, my God!

they blow up with all their might

On the way, I found
an ATM and dropped it off for about 10,000 yen.
What this check

Oh, my God!

I’m going to do my best.

However, by the time I arrived in the town of Chilaspoli, the area was pitch black.


No cheap accommodation, right? this town.

I’m really…

Eating rice is not very good, and it is soberly higher than Ukraine.


I ate rice looking for a supermarket, listened to the inn search, and went there with my feet, but I couldn’t find an inn.

I don’t feel like going to a luxury hotel.

That’s enough.

Keep it in the tent.

I went around 9 p.m. and got tired and hungry.


I went to the park and laid out a tent.

Oh come on.

Let’s take a rest here today.

One. I’m tired.

Today’s mileage: About 100km

I ran well today.


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