191@ Loma (Gypsy) Darkness | Dangerous Europeans ★ Romania

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


Last Synopsis

The wallet is scolded by a mysterious local people and the card is lost.
The survival race that surpasses until the reissued card comes with the cash on hand has started! !


I mean, is it a security so bad in Romania??

There is no sign of a risk of life, but it is the first country to be theft so dignifiedly.

I definitely feel that it is the level that enters the world’s worst security ranking.

Who are they in the first place??

Most of them have oriental faces and wear pretty dirty clothes, so they stand out comparatively.

Why don’t you ask Google-sensei for a moment?


I found out.

These guys seem to be called “Gypsy” and “Roma”.

Not only in Romania, but also in various parts of Europe, there are people called “Roma” and “Gypsies”.

↑The Babaa of Furlau was like this

It seems that the origin is said to be a drifter from India.
I’m sure you look like that.

She wears a unique face and unique clothes.

* However, in recent years there
are people who are indistinguishable from Westerners ↑ This is what I was done,
as a result of listening, the person who happened to be present said, “They are Roma“.

The main nationalities are Romania and Bulgaria.

Is it a race discriminated against in Europe?

I’m not interested in race issues in other countries, but if you’re going to suffer damage, that’s a different story.
If you don’t gain knowledge, you’ll be done.

Roma is disliked by european citizens like a snake, and the reason is terrible.

Europe has no borders, so it’s quite easy to get into other countries.
And it seems to go out from Romania to big cities such as France, Germany, and Italy and to be bad.

↓↓↓Many misdals ↓

Form a theft group and plunder money and goods from citizens

・ Come with a group of cars, settle in vacant lands without permission, steal electricity, etc.

Occupy the houses of local people→ claim that this is my own→ eat things in the house and spoil goods→ expensive goods steal and leave


Work a suri


Do you understand? That’s yabasa.

I’m a foreigner to arrest, so I can only deport it in the end, and I’ll be back in the city soon.

I don’t want to write too hard things,

My honest impression is that they are like pests nesting in people’s homes.

Your wallet was stolen, too.

I understood the reason why young people in Romania looked bitter.

In urban areas, just wearing Roma clothes is a tremendous antipathy.

Romania, Bulgaria, etc. seem to be very poorly publicized because many of their own Roma live.

If you are in another city in Europe –
Be careful in the future.


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