2@Bike trip from Hiroshima city to Yamaguchi (from the first day to the field inn)

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –

I’m good to leave, but where shall we go?
A ship that is easy to load would be a good way to go abroad by bicycle.

The port where you can go abroad nearby…

It seems that there was a ferry from Hiroshima to Busan (Korea).

The Hiroshima-Busan route had disappeared a long time ago when examining it. regret.

It seems to be in the Shimonoseki-Busan route (Kangama ferry).
All right, let’s go with this.

Route diagram

I went while rowing my bicycle.
It is unexpectedly cool though it did not exercise at all.

However, when I approached Hatsukaichi City (Hiroshima), I realized that I forgot my cell phone.
It’s deadly. If there is no mobile phone, it will not be an information gathering or other story.

I borrowed a telephone at 7-Eleven at Hatsukaichi Station and had my parents deliver it to me.
I can’t get cool, I forget the cell phone I had prepared on the desk, or it’s ADHD.

Before noon, take National Route 2 along the Seto Inland Sea.
There are many trucks and it is dangerous, but there are many sidewalks, and there are few slopes, so it is easy.

Cross the prefectural border and head to Yamaguchi.
I’m no longer interested in Japan. Let’s go abroad by ferry suddenly.
It was about 195km from the starting point to Shimonoseki Port.
If you’re willing to die, you’ll arrive in two days.

Nishiki River (a famous river in Iwakuni)

Go beyond the Nishiki River

However, the first barrier is around Kuga (Yamaguchi).
The road is too narrow.
It’s so narrow that there’s Line 2.
I’m going to the truck Bümbün, and it’s a suicide act to run in such a place with a luggage-loading chari.
In fact, the sidewalk of the tunnel was too narrow and I was able to rub it sideways once.
It was good because there was no car.

There seemed to be a tunnel again as it advanced.
I didn’t feel like going through the tunnel around here anymore, so I bypassed the side street.
But this was a choice mistake.

I thought that it would end up climbing a steep slope (almost climbing) like an idiot and die.
It was hard to push up.

It managed to climb up, it descended again, and rice was eaten in the Irori sanzoku (shop famous for the tewayaki).

Irori Sanzoku’s Chicken Wings

It’s as good as ever.
Eat chicken wings and onigiri and leave!

I thought, but the position of the saddle of the bicycle is too high and it is somewhat difficult to kokod.
I checked it, but if there is no hex wrench, it seems that the height of the saddle can not be adjusted.

So, I purchased a hex wrench set at Nafco in Kuga.

Such a one.

The clasp of the saddle is curly and the height adjustment.
Well, it’s a height that looks good on your buttocks.

From there, I just keep cycling on Route 2.

By the time we approached Shunan City (Yamaguchi), the sun was dark.

The sun is getting dark.

Honestly, I’m tired. tight.
I’ve been withdrawn and campaigning for a year, but I’ve already run nearly 80km in Chari.

I went to stay at a manga café near Shinnanyo Station, but there were a lot of drunks and it was unlikely to enter.

I thought that I would make it a tent from the first day, and I went to a park by the sea, but I fainted about setting up a tent on the lawn with Bichobicho.

It’s enough, you want to go to Ikekoko.

It became pitch black, but I decided to push forward without worrying.
There is also ferry time. You’d better stay as you can.
I’m tired, but I’m willing.

Go on the pitch-dark Line 2.
There is a sidewalk around here, but there are only slopes and tired bodies.
It was indeed unsari.

When my physical strength was running out, there was a big building and lights on my left.
It is a roadside station!

This is lucky
road station Solene Shunan (It’s a suge name!) ) To buy groceries.

In addition, I found a multipurpose toilet! !

Rest here?
The time is 22:00.
Set the alarm after 6 hours.
Enter the multipurpose toilet and wipe your body.
I spread out my cot, fell down and went to bed immediately.

It is bad when the multipurpose toilet is occupied too much.
There is an emergency though almost no people will come such as the station of the road at midnight.

I was made to use only the midnight band and withdraw at 4 o’clock in the morning!

The road of the first day

Mileage on the first day: About 95km

I’m not the one who worked hard for the first day.


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