187@Moldova/Romania fined ★ | alleged illegal entry

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –

Oh, Eugeni!

If you are prapping the street to eat breakfast,


I was stopped by a pair of policemen.

I told you to show me your passport.

I showed my passport.

Cops “”&%”#)!””!! =!! =」


I’m not saying anything.

I don’t know at all.

However, it was taken to the police station without understanding well.


According to an English-speaking policeman, my passport doesn’t have an entry stamp.

What do you mean?

I told the policeman how I entered → Ukraine → Moldova.

It seems that if you enter Ukraine → Donistol, you will not be stamped.
* Because the Donistol side insists that it is not Moldova

No, it would be strange if you don’t stamp your → in Moldova along the road.
What’s going on with this country?

It is true that there is no entry stamp regardless of the circumstances, so I was told to pay a fine.

I can not understand.

I paid a fine of about 5,000 yen.

I’m not working as a fraud all over the nation, Moldova.

No more this country.

It is said that it is a matter of exchange, and Roku does not happen because of the road donistol relation.

You’d better get out of Moldova.

Or rather, I will definitely go out by the middle of today.

47km to Palm, Romania?

It’s an easy win.


I started from Eugeni.

Exchange rate of money changer ↑

Should I check it out for the time being?

This is the first country I have become uncomfortable and want to come out in since China.

On the other hand, it’s rare.

super dashed towards the border.


We got to the Skreni border.

If you cross here, it’s Romania.

I entered Romania.

Farewell Moldova

run for the palm

It’s rural Europe.

But today is easy.

Don’t get the speed out of the super tailwind.

Oh, my God! Koguzo



I got it on the palm.

Let’s go in search of an inn

I found an inn!

So-so beautiful
View from the inn
Wifi pass told me

It’s already good today.



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