189@ Romania who is scolded by old woman

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –



Palm Town Day 3

Let’s aim for the city of Potosiani today

There’s a so-so up and down

You’re going to get by.

they get off the palm

When I looked at the menu for coffee at the café, the young man talked to me.

After talking to you for a moment,

The Romanian lad bought me coffee.

Taken in commemoration. Arigato.

Through the roundabout of the tram

Tram ikanji

After going for a while, I went out to the suburbs.

The road is getting worse.


Go carefully because the road is bad.




I punctured.


There was a big hole in the tire.

It’s a tire, not a tube.

There is no replacement tire.

Can’t help it.

backside with puncture repair seal from the top of the tire

I wonder if I can manage it.

I don’t know, but I have no choice but to go.




Punctured again.

There’s a big hole again!

The puncture repair seal proved to do no good for closing tire holes.


, the city cycle is difficult

in the strength of the tire Luggage 60 kg over + 70 kg (weight) is hanging
on the rear wheel ・ Is it impossible to puncture with this thin tire?

If you don’t endure off-road off-road a little, you won’t be able to talk.

I wonder if I can manage it.

Let’s catch the bus and go to the nearby town.

Ask the neighbors and discover the bus stop!

I got on the bus without any problems.

Burorororo r.

From the bus window
Romania should be fearful

I arrived in the town of Furlau.

When I checked the location of the chariya on the map, a passer-by spoke to me.

He seems to show me around to a chariya.

a kind passer-by

Thank you.

I arrived at the chari shop.

However, it seems that there are only tires of the wide standard in the chari shop than my chari.

It’s hard to get a mountain tire or a puncture.

The tire strength increases and there is no problem, but it is subtle whether you can wear it.

Mountain tires
are so hard and reliable.

I’m addicted to the wheel for the time being.

I’m addicted!

But there is a good point that the tire bicycle is related.

I’m getting fatter and it’s no wonder.


A passer-by helped me correct the relations section.

thanks. Survived.

The bicycle is completed.

All right, this should have increased the strength of the tire.

I shook hands with passers-by and parted.

However, it is dangerous to have a spare tire.

I bought another mountain tire just in case.

The sun is getting dark.

There is a park and a café nearby.

Do you want to tent in the park today?

I decided to go into the café and rest until the time I pitched the tent.

A young man spoke to me when I was relaxing in a café.

Tension MAX

As soon as we drank, we got along well.

Commemorative photo in a good mood

When everyone is drinking in a waiwai fuss,

Babaa came from somewhere and told me that I didn’t understand why.

Babaa has been swept my body when I smiled and accepted it! !


What the hell is this guy?

I feel the same smell as begging the other day.

Some dangerous scents are

Babaa grinned and left.

What’s this guy really like?
If Babaa does this, I don’t want to kick in.
If you’re a young woman,
you’re not going to touch me.

When I noticed, the young people were watching with a pulling don.

It seems that Babaa is not involved in these young people.

Young people

“You had better not get involved with them, this is a big problem for our country. I’m sorry to make you feel uncomfortable. Something may have been stolen, so check your surroundings right now.”

I was saying this.

I checked my luggage and belongings,

Nothing in particular seems to have been stolen.

What hotel are you going to stay at today?

I’m going to pitch a tent in the next park.

Young people “!!!! should definitely stop. Babaa lives in the park next door.”

Is that predatory Babaa homeless??
I’m too scared of the homeless who are actively harming us.

I want you to arrest suddenly and to be thrown into the cage.

There are no cheap places in this town.

I’m not going to stay at a hotel, is there any safe place?

I asked.

Young man “I’ll call the police, so I just have to stay in the yard of the police station”

Are you sure (laughs)

I laid a tent in the garden of the police station and rested.

Today’s travel distance: About 75km

*Puncture → bus transfer at about 30km point


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