190@Roma grandmother scolded wallet in Potosiani ★ Romania

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


Oh, Hululau!!

It’s a refreshing police station morning.

The garden
turf of the police station is good feeling.

If you stay too long, it’s going to bother police officers.

I got up at five in the morning and thanked the policeman and decided to leave.

When I left, I thought that Japan, where I could enjoy safety for free, was a luxury.

Let’s go.

The road
is good in the early morning.
It’s dawning.

Maybe because I changed the tires yesterday, my bicycle is in good shape.

Mountain tires have a different sense of security!


Run, run.




I got to Potosiani.

The City of Potosiani

I’m hungry.

Do you want to eat rice?


I entered the hotel early.

The days are still high, and you should take a walk around the city.


Mysterious Game Machine

I relaxed at cafes in the city while eating sweets and coffee.

Sweets at a European café!!!
I feel like a meher girl.

When I got out of the café and walked around the city again,

Two Westerners? has been asking for a handshake.

Is japanese rare in Eastern Europe?

I shook hands with a smile.

The next moment!!

Gas sagasa !!!!!

He’s been messing around my body!

I jumped momentarily, but I was scolded for about three seconds.

The men grinned and left.

Are these guys the same kind of person as that Babaa?

Begging and Babaa were oriental and dirty, so I quickly found out that they were bad people,
but I was careless because they were beautiful and western faces.

They check their bodies


I don’t have a wallet.

It was done.

I thought there was such a thing, the contents of the wallet were only about 2,000 yen (Japanese yen equivalent), but
when I dropped the money a little while ago, I seemed to have left the card in my wallet.

The International Cash Card is gone.

Do you want them to find out and shut it up?
No, no, It might be after it thinks normally and it has already run away.

First of all, it is a card.

I operated my phone and stopped using the international cash card.

Just in case, I searched the area for about 30 minutes, but the men were not found.

What will I do from now on?

Cash is JPY 10,000, USD 150 and EUR 100.

Now, it is necessary to surpass for the time being.

I reissued the card immediately, but it will probably take two to three weeks to arrange it by mail.

It’s been more troublesome than I thought.

About 30,000 on hand.

It’s the beginning of the survival race.


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