200@ card collection and Roma darkness 2| Gypsy poverty discrimination loop ★ Ukraine

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


16th Day of Your Stay in Riviv

I’ve begun to feel the limit of spending time without selling anything.


Iphone to movistar (second mobile phone made in Vietnam) forwarded email !!?

Riviv Post Office: “I’m at my luggage.”

All right, let’s go.

Before I went to the post office, I wanted to do something with an iPhone, so I asked the shopkeeper to let me use it temporarily, but it was quite a bit of a problem.

The owner said, “This is collateral, if you want to get it back, pay him.”

Well, it’s a correct argument.

Let me spend only a minute, and I’ll pay you by the middle of today.

I made it use when I said.

My shoulders are narrow.



Let’s go to The Riviv Central Post Office to collect your cards!


At last, the card is .

I have to collect it quickly! !

I got a card.

The card was safely recovered.

Phew, this is a relief.

devour cake and juice

I ate a decent one after a long time.
I don’t think sweet things are so delicious.

It’s so delicious that tears come out.


I forgot, but the Roma guys are absolutely forgiven.

I was designated as the most important wary race in me.

Don’ t you? Will discrimination be formed in this way?

No, but this is unavoidable?
There were Roma in every city in Romania, and all those in contact were not good.
And I wish I actually had such an encounter.

Poverty → Begging and theft → Discrimination →

can’t get a job, poverty → Begging, theft…

I tasted the spiciness that I could not eat because I was poor this time.
It’s not good to run into crime easily, but I understand that it’s hard.

If you don’t break this negative chain somewhere, it’s going to last a lifetime.

It returned to the inn, the rent was settled, and the iphone of the collateral was regained, too.

All right, the rest is.

Buy tires at a chari shop

I cut my hair at the haircut shop!

I bought food at the market!

Phew, I wonder if I’ve left it here anymore.

I’ve used a lot of short summer periods.

I’m going to leave Riviv tomorrow.


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