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– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –

Oha Silet!!


Sileto Day 3 Early Morning

let’s go.

I uttered after greeting my uncle a word.

Morning kebab at the store

Bai Bai Silet!

The border is right next to me~

Near the Silleto Border (Romania side)

There are some cars lined up.

I’m a chari and I don’t know… ?

Let’s go to border customs for the time being.

What are we all doing?

We got to the gate.

It was able to come off comparatively easily.

It was good.

I entered Ukraine.

It’s flat and easy to run.

Let’s have dinner at the café for the time being.

Ukrainian rice should be cheap and delicious

That looks good.

delicious!! And cheap !!!

I wonder if I’ll buy some portable food.





I got to Chernoftui.

Mysterious drink seller

What did you see somewhere in the past…??

Do you check in at the inn?

Today’s Accommodation: Guest House with Prison Wind Key
eat and go to bed

Today’s mileage: About 42km

Chernoftui the next day

However, there is no place where you can exchange Japanese yen anywhere.

If you can’t change money, it’s just a piece of paper, such as a circle.

It’s time to look serious.

Before the money runs out.



Park in Chernoftui

Money exchange office found

No Japanese yen handling!

Do you want to eat meshi?

What’s this?

Found state-owned banks!!!

If I can’t exchange money here, it will be a pretty tough development in the future.

Is it?

OK, I was able to exchange money for Hryvnia, Ukraine.

It was saved.

It seems to outsmies it for the time being by this.

All right, we’re done with the exchange, and let’s go to the town of Colomia.

What is this house-like building?
A gentle uphill is likely to continue.
Do you want to relax?
The cobblestones are hard to see.
Beyond various towns.

Straight road

A little more…

I went to the town of Kolomia.

Anyway, I checked in at the inn.

Inn entrance

Chari was allowed to put it at the entrance.

I wonder if I will try to take a walk in the town.

Feed Hachi-san.

I think I can exchange U.S. dollars.

Mystery Shop

It’s quite crowded.

Mysterious Egg Object
Amusement Park??

Buy mandarin oranges

Oh, I’m tired today, I’m going to eat and sleep.

Today’s Meshi: Bread, meat and pickles bought at the shop around there

Today’s mileage: About 80km


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