202@ Cross medica border to Pshemisil| border guard interrogation hell ★ Ukraine/Poland

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –


Oha Krakobetsu! !

Do you want to make a reservation at today’s inn?

I found an inn that felt good.

Let’s stay here today.

Well, go?



Soldier “Hey, what are you doing in this place?”

I’m traveling from Japan.



Soldier “Clay z-…

Phew, I was finally released.

Even so, security is very strict. I wonder if there are many smugglers.



Hey, what are you…



It’s troublesome~~



I managed to get over it!!




We got near the Medica border.

The car’s full.

Do you want to exchange money at the exchange office?

At last, I can have euros.

Until now, the currencies were different in each country and it was really troublesome.

From Coco, you can go in a unified currency.

Don’t be easy.

Medica Border

They cross customs

People are full.


It was about 40 minutes later, and I was able to get over it safely.

Thank you to the soldiers who gave me information.

Enter Poland!!

Prices are slightly higher than Ukraine –
* Ukraine is too cheap


Mac discovery.


It can be charged, it can be used on the net, you can eat rice and it’s a great place.

Mack doesn’t matter to any country~

The price of the burger is about 100 yen. The taste does not change.



Today’s destination: I’ve arrived in the town of Psemisil

Well, it’s like Europe.


A little more to the inn.


I got to the inn!

It was in a pretty deep place.
It feels good to have a pc

Do you want to go buy a Polish SIM card before sunset?

Get a SIM of 3 gigas with crispy

The clerk did the setting suitably.

Today’s mileage: About 50km

Cross the Medica border to Pshemisil


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