4 free flowing hot springs in Tokyo for less than 500 yen| cheap recommended hot springs

The hot springs with free flowing hot springs are of good spring quality and feel very comfortable.
If you want to go to the hot spring, you want to take a cheap hot spring with the highest quality.
It is a thick and dense hot spring, it is the best.

This time, we will introduce a wonderful hot spring with reasonable and high ingredients and efficacy that can be put in for less than 500 yen.

In addition, all of them are hot springs with free flowing hot springs.

The list is listed in the order of cheapest.
Please try to go by all means.

*Information at the time of creation. Please check the official website for the latest information.


Map the cheap and cospa high free flowing hot springs



Source: https://www.1010.or.jp/map/item/item-cnt-316

Address 2-11-16 Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-3689-0676
Bathing fee Adult 480 yen (over 12 years old)
Middle-aged 180 yen (6 to 12 years old)
Child 80 yen (under 6 years old)
Business Hours 15:00~23:00
(Last entry 22:30)
Holidays Wednesday

Reviews (some excerpts)

Founded in the Edo period, smoothed with free flowing black water.

The cold bath is also free flowing with the source, and the round trip with the open-air bath is pleasant, and you can take a long bath forever!

Source: googleMAP

Musashi-Koyama Onsen Shimizu-yu

Source: https://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/travel/entry/bwKZE/36416/

Phone 03-3781-0575
Bathing fee Adult 480 yen (over 12 years old)
Junior high school student 300 yen
Child 180 yen
Kindergarten children free (up to 2 per adult)
Business Hours Normal day 12:00-24:00
Saturday 12:00-24:00
Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Holidays 12:00-24:00
Holidays Weekday Mondays
(Open on Mondays on public holidays)
There are no substitute holidays.

Reviews (some excerpts)

Natural hot spring.
Moreover, it is one of the best public baths in Tokyo that combines two hot spring-quality bathtubs, Kuroyu (baking soda spring) and golden hot spring (chloride spring).
There are no hot springs of this level in super sento.

Much more, because it is this price in the public bath, there is no other way but an exceptional one any longer.
However, it is crowded anyway even after noon on weekdays perhaps because the cospa is too good.

Source: googleMAP

Hasunuma Onsen

Source: https://hitoppuro.com/shop_detail.php?shop_id=379

Address 6-16-11 Nishi-Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-3734-0081
Bathing fee Adult 480 yen (over 12 years old)
Middle-aged 180 yen (6 to 12 years old)
Child 80 yen (under 6 years old)
Business Hours 15:00-24:00
Holidays Tuesday

Reviews (some excerpts)

Very clean and tidy.
The room was clean and tidy.
Cleansing, body soap and rinse-in shampoo are also provided.

There is also a wide washing area and water pressure.
The cold bath with the free flowing water source is 19 °C, but it was just right for me, it was cold at first, but it was comfortable without being too cold.
You can walk from Kamata Station.
The hot water is not black water, but a thin ochre color, and it does not smell and taste so much.

Source: googleMAP

Kawabe Onsen Umenoyu

Night rates are discounted after 9pm.

Source: https://tokyoonsen.com/area06/umenoyu.php

Address Kawabe Town Building Building B, 10-8-1 Kawabe-cho, Ome City, Tokyo, 5th and 6th floors
Phone 0428-20-1026
Bathing fee Base rate
Adult Adults Adults 860 yen
Member 750 yen
Child 430 yenNight rates[21:00より]
Adult General 560 yen
Member 450 yen
Child 215 yenSpecific day fee
Adult General 970 yen
Member 860 yen
Child 540 yen
* Year-end / New Year’s day / GW / Obon each 5 to 6 days.
Business Hours 10:30-23:30[最終受付23:00]

Reviews (some excerpts)

The sauna is dry and has 4 steps, so you can choose your favorite heat.
The cold bath does not purily with well water containing binchotan charcoal.

The open-air natural hot spring free flowing hot spring is very mellow and comfortable.

Source: googleMAP

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Cheap and the best hot spring quality is free flowing hot springs!
Please go with an important person.