3@Chari trip from Shunan to Shimonoseki Port (Yamaguchi) (morning at the lava station and boarding the foreign escape ferry)

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –

At four in
the morning, the alarm rang.

That said, it was a lava station.
I was able to sleep asleep, it was a nice lavaty hotel. ★

To be honest, I still want to sleep. I can’t get tired of my
body, but I have no choice but to go.
It is only about halfway advanced yet.
On the first day, I ate breakfast I bought at a roadside station, washed my face and went out.
I’ve been able to handle it.

The slope is still tight.

Beyond Hofu…

Beyond Yamaguchi City…

The city around here was saved by the flat road.

A big pond

Beyond the big pond…

The sun is getting tight and hot.
But I don’t care.
Ikeike more and more!

Lunch is ramen!

I ate ramen at a shop in the middle of the mountain.


To be honest, the road was narrow around here, there were many cars, and it was hot, and fatigue accumulated and I almost died.

I kept rowing single-mindedly, and I arrived at Chofu around the evening!
It is a little more to Shimonoseki! !

Finally Chofu! It’s dark.

Or rather, time is bad. The boarding procedure limit should have been around 18:30.

About 17:00 current time

Yaba, if you don’t hurry, you’ll be late, you won’t be able to get on the boat, you’re in a bad way.

I could see Kanmon Bridge!!

She squeezes out the last power and is willing to die.
At last, I could see the Kanmon Strait. I also saw Kanmon Bridge!!

It’s almost there. Ikeike!!

I arrived at Shimonoseki Port International Ferry Terminal!

I arrived at Shimonoseki Port International Ferry Terminal!!

We finally got there. The time is about 15 minutes before the limit.
I managed to slip in.
It is always so, but it’s really the last minute life.

It seems that there is only a little time, so buy groceries and water to eat on board at a nearby supermarket.
The sushi bento seems to be delicious.
After all, Shimonoseki is different.

The boarding procedure is completed without beingcked!
Oh, it’s all Koreans! !

I’m the only chari loading team!


In the waiting room.

There was a Korean charider and talked to me (though I didn’t ride a bicycle)

In Korea, there are four major river cycling roads, and it seems that the big cities are connected by bicycle-only roads.
Busan – Seoul is also cool.
He said that he wanted Japanese people to try running because it is very beautiful and easy to run.

Seriously? It looks amazing.

On the other hand, is there a cousin in Japan who runs in Chari? I was troubled by being told.
I’ve been running route 2 so far, but it’s not very good, but I can’t recommend it.

If you run on Line 2, the outsider will die、、、

For the time being, I recommended the Shimanami Kaido.

I had never been to (laughs)

Get on board and set sail!

On board

I drank beer on board and ate like chige.

Fatigue is already the limit.
Good night.

The second day of Hiroshima and Shimonoseki. It was hard.

Mileage on the second day: About 90km

By the way…

Shimonoseki-Busan (route) is about 230km Dayo!
There’s quite a bit of a bit of a thing.

What will happen to your trip to Korea?


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