A story about being dug by a Russian old man in Sakhalin

terrible storys

It was when I traveled to Sakhalin.
The pictured man is talking to me walking

“I’ll go in the same direction, so let’s go with you.”

I’ve said that.

I was strangely kind to give me sweets, and I’m going with you! I walked with him.

We also took a picture together to commemorate.
That’s this picture. You look good, don’t you?

Then, it came to the suburbs and there was no person at all when walking for a further while.
Then, this aged suddenly started to do something incomprehension.

Suddenly, he stopped in a place with a large grassy area next to me,
stared at me,
made a chupa chupa sound, licked the tip of his thumb, and pointed to the grass.

Image image (Fucking Kimoi)


In my life, I was so nervous that I could get into five fingers …

I didn’t really understand the translation, so I asked him what it was like.

“I’m a homo (gay?). Isn’t there one shot in the grassy there?”

It has said while smiling.

Naturally, I dashed away.
I ran away at full speed…

As an aside,

The “invitation of finger chupachupa” that this old boy did was really uncomfortable, and I tried chupachupa to my friend with the same operation with a gag

It was said, “What was sore ridicule (#^ω^)”.

Let’s stop imitating it (laughs)

・ It may be used for provocation! ?