Jiro inspire ramen 3 selected shops in Chiba Japan

Vegetable garlic oil mashimashi flavored carame

Jiro ramen that attracts many people and does not stop.

The power of the appearance is enormous, and once you eat it, you may end up with a bite.

This time, we will introduce carefully selected shops where you can eat Girorian recommended Jiro inspired ramen.

Please try to go by all means.


Jiro System List MAP



Source: https://alan-d-haller.info/chiba/chibakara/

Address 〒290-0072 1-3-16 Saikokubunjidai, Ichihara-shi, Chiba
Telephone number 0436-23-8807
Business Hours 11:15〜15:00/18:15〜22:00
[日] 11:15〜15:00/18:15〜21:00
※ If the material is out, it closes early.
Closed Monday, Tuesday
Seats Counter 11-12 seats (fluctuating), 4 tatami seats× 2 tables (zashiki table seats are given priority with children)
Smoking Non – smoking
Parking lot There is a parking lot

A lot of fans in a soft, warmed big char siu.
The soup emulsified with a thick pork bone base is entangled in thick and flat noodles and the umami explosion!
It is a cup and one and only taste that combines Jiro and his family with vegetables and nori masi.

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Men BUILD g.B.m

Source: http://nannyoudakara1414.blog.jp/archives/14176847.html

Address 1-19-5 Yawataishizuka, Ichihara City, Chiba 290-0061
Telephone number 0436-42-8900
Business Hours 11:30~14:30L. O/17:30~21:00L. O
※It ends as soon as the soup runs out
Closed Wednesday
Seats Counter 8 seats, tatami room 4×2
Smoking Non – smoking
Parking lot There is a parking lot 9 cars 20m to the left of the store
Menu Garibamen 2… 750YEN
Garibamen 2 (Vegetable Mash)… 750YEN
Large Garibamen No. 2 (Noodle Large Serving)… 850 yen

Vegetables are thin crispy sprouts and cabbage a little, noodles are thick noodles with a strong yellow feeling, soup is small emulsified type

The salty soup goes well with chewy thick noodles, and I was able to eat it deliciously until the end.

As for the quantity, those who usually eat Jiro
I think that it is less for, so I think that it is good to order large Garibamen 2 or paid vegetable mashimashi.

For reference because you can check the business day on facebook of the store.

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Ebisu Butamen : Ichihara Store

Source: https://xn--n8j766hc0az6ymy4anxkf6h.com/34-2/

Address 3-10 Yawata, Ichihara City, Chiba 296-0062
Telephone number 090-8465-9279
Business Hours 11:00〜14:00/17:00〜21:00
Parking lot There is a parking lot 3 cars

Speaking of the Jiro system, I think that it is an image of “Heavy”, but here is an impression that such a part is dispelled and the emphasis is on being eaten properly.

It matches the flow of the world to watch out for food loss.
It is often said that the soup after eating is thick and 、、、, but there is a kujukuri iwashi soup, so it can be delicious.
One cup is delicious twice.
It is one of the shops I want to go to eat again

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How was it?

Please go and eat delicious inspire!