A secret spot where you can take a break in front of Tokyo Station for free| a place that can be used as| a café with photos

I’d like to take a break near Tokyo Station, but is there a place where I can rest for free?

I don’t have to go into a coffee shop, but I want to take a break.

There is such a time.

Here, I would like to introduce a special place to rest for free.

Please try to take advantage of it by all means.


A 1-minute walk from < Station at The Resting Place in Ecute Tokyo>

Source: https://twitter.com/ecute_tokyo/status/620037625924038656

Location: Ecute Tokyo 1F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 

Power supply: Yes

Free Wifi: Yes

Vending machine: None

A place where you can bring your own food

You can bring your own food at the resting place in Tokyo Station.
I was looking at my smartphone with free wifi while eating snacks.

The chair was so hard that I couldn’t stay for too long.
However, there is free wifi, so it is a nice spot to take a short break.


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It is a convenient place for rest, so please try to use it by all means.