Hiroshima-style Tsukemen < 30 spicy in Tsukemen Honpo Spicy Part! I tried to challenge > [marginal gourmet]

Do you know Hiroshima-style Tsukemen?
Simply put, it is a food nyan that eats chilled Chinese food with spicy sauce.
This is quite delicious, and it is an irresistible dish nya for spicy parties. The area above this line will be displayed for free.

And Tsukemen has a rank of hotness.

The spiciness is 0 to 30 spicy (depending on the shop).
I usually eat about 20 spicy.

But if I'm a super spicy party, I tried to challenge with an easy feeling that I would be 30 spicy!

Hey, this is spicy.
The sauce is too thick and slightly viscous (laughs)

a color that can't have red boiled cabbage.

If you do not eat at once, you will have a fire in your mouth, and
you will eat it in about 5 minutes ~

It was surprisingly easy to eat.
If you come to Hiroshima,
you will try Tsukemen 30 spicy ~

**By the way, the person who was present, who did not like or dislike the hard was 7 spicy and said that it was "quite painful".
Is it good for ordinary people from 5??

The shop is famous for "Akudanya" or "Tsukemen Honpo Karabe"

Shop I went to this time ↓
Tsukemen Honpo Karabu Itsukaichi store