Jiro-inspired Ramen in Fukushima 4 selected shops

Vegetable garlic oil mashimashi flavored carame

Jiro ramen that attracts many people and does not stop.

The power of the appearance is enormous, and once you eat it, you may end up with a bite.

This time, we will introduce carefully selected shops where you can eat Girorian recommended Jiro inspired ramen.

Please try to go by all means.


Jiro System List MAP


Gutsuri Ramen Butaichi : Fukushima Main Store

Source: https://ramendb.supleks.jp/s/124547/review

Address 5-6 Kamimachi, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture 960-8101
Business Hours 11:00〜15:00/17:00〜20:00
[日・祝] 11:00〜17:00
Closed Irregularly
Seats 3 tables, 12 counter seats

Gutsrijiro ramen.
Mini (for small eaters) Small (normal) large (for gluttoniests)
If it was an ordinary ramen shop, it should be full of normal piling, but I was worried by the clerk, but I ate a big ramen completely.
Five pieces of meat were a lot. Three pieces of meat are just
Could work.
The meat was soft and delicious.
It seems that you were addicted if you recommend it to acquaintances, and it is a ramen shop that can be recommended to people.
After purchasing a meal ticket, garlic, bean s bean syg, fat, and red ginger will be added if you tell the clerk at the murri.
You can add ramen sauce and spicy powder on the table.

Quoted from googlemap

Ramen Ren

Source: https://tabelog.com/fukushima/A0701/A070101/7009056/dtlrvwlst/B202686690/

Address 29-2 Nishida, Kamimeikura, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture 960-2155
Business Hours 11:30~19:00
[木] 11:30~15:30
Closed Wednesday, 3rd Tuesday
There is a temporary closure
Smoking Non – smoking
Parking lot Parking lot is available about 20 cars
Menu Ramen 750 yen
Small ramen 700 yen

I stopped by Jiro ramen shop that is popular in Fukushima Prefecture.
The price was JPY 800. The large serving is only an additional 50 yen. I am satisfied with the large amount.

The noodles are solid, the soup is rich and delicious. The char siu is quite thick and has a very thick texture.
It is also good to have a rich variety of free toppings, such as carame, oil, raw onions, ginger, garlic, and vegetable growth. It is very recommended for those who like gutsy system.

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Ramen Numaya

Source: https://twitter.com/sekkaku_tbs/status/1310183755567357954

Address 38-22 Otacho, Fukushima City, Fukushima 960-8068
Business Hours (Tue-Fri) 11:30-14:30/17:30-20:30
(Sat&ampt.Sun.) 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Closed Monday
Seats Counter 12 seats
Smoking Non – smoking
Parking lot There is a parking lot

I got it at the Jiro ramen shop, the yasai increase of spicy miso.
I ordered the noodles as they are, but it was just right because it came hard by default. If the hotness, abra, and garlic are intact, it is a little modest impression.
I would like to visit you again because it is a habit taste.

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175°DENO- TantanMen – Fukushima

Source: https://www.cjnavi.co.jp/gourmet/20180915175dodeno-tantanmen/

Address 5-5 Dannokoshi, Nagaigawa, Fukushima City, Fukushima 960-1102
Telephone number 024-572-5351
Business Hours 11:00~15:00/17:00~22:00
[土・日・祝] 11:00~15:00/17:00~21:00
Closed Without
Smoking Non – smoking
Parking lot There is a parking lot

I visited “175° DENO Dandanmen Fukushima Store” who had been worried about before I wanted to eat Dandan noodles.
There is also a communal parking lot, but about 10 cars seems to be stopped. The deep interior is a shop with a clean and modern atmosphere. The clerk’s customer service is also a good impression.

There is only a Dandan noodle specialty store, and the menu that goes well with Dandan noodles such as toppings is the main.
This time, there was a menu that was limited to the Jiro version of Dandan noodles, so I had “Tantanmen 175 ° 郞” numbness, back oil, garlic, vegetables normally.
After all there is only Jiro system, and there is a force in the visual.

The nudity of Sansho and the spiciness of the bitter oil are delicious soups that are just right personally. Straight thick noodles were chewy and elastic and matched to the soup and were delicious noodles.

Two large soft char siu are also on board, and the taste and texture are good. It was a very satisfying Dandan noodles. The Jiro system of Dandan noodles is novel in a sense. I think it’s a one-of-a-kind menu.
I want to eat other menus as well.
Thank you for the treat.

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How was it?

Please go and eat delicious inspire!