delicious Jiro Ramen Where you can eat in Shimane Prefecture Japan

Mashimashi vegetables, too much back abra, large amount of garlic,
Jiro inspire ramen that addicts never stop.

There are various types even if it is said that it is Jiro inspire system in one bite.
There are various personalities depending on the shop, such as the emulsification of the soup, the crispy feeling of bean sprouts and cabbage, and the thickness of the char siu.

This time, we will introduce a delicious shop recommended among such Jiro ramen.

Please go and eat by all means.


Shinokan Jiro


Name Hiroshi Shino
Address 〒693-0024 4-10-2 Shiojigamimae, Izumo-shi, Shimane
Telephone number
Nearest station JR San’in Main Line (Yonago – Masuda), Ichibata Train Kitamatsue Line “Izumo-shi Station
Parking lot There is a parking lot
Opening date 2021-07-17

As the name suggests, Jiro Inspirer
It is a valuable shop because there are not many opportunities to eat inspirer in Shimane Prefecture

Since the order is only checked on the paper in each seat ticket vending machine, garlic topping is easy to order even for the first time of the Jiro system because there is no need to cast spells like the head family

The amount of noodles is small in the Inspirer system, so I think that the gilorean of the veteran is plenty of noodles from the beginning
Soup is relatively easy to drink, isn’t it?
I think that it is a shop that even Jiro beginners can enjoy

The only complaint is that the garage… that… It’s not that big, so I’m afraid I’ll hit the car.

Quoted from googlemap

How was it?

Please go and eat delicious inspire!