delicious Jiro Ramen 4 selected restaurants in Ehime Prefecture Japan

Mashimashi vegetables, too much back abra, large amount of garlic,
Jiro inspire ramen that addicts never stop.

There are various types even if it is said that it is Jiro inspire system in one bite.
There are various personalities depending on the shop, such as the emulsification of the soup, the crispy feeling of bean sprouts and cabbage, and the thickness of the char siu.

This time, we will introduce a delicious shop recommended among such Jiro ramen.

Please go and eat by all means.


Honebuto Ajikaku


Name a solid taste
Address Tomochika Building 1F, 3-3-5 Okaido, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Telephone number 089-933-7756
Business Hours 11:30~15:00/17:30~22:00
Closed Monday
Nearest station Iyo Railway 1, Iyo Railway 2, etc. [Okaido Station] (142m)
Parking lot No parking lot
Opening date 41107
Menu Ramen 650 yen
Moye ramen 800 yen
Tsukemen 700 yen free topping
Back fat
Remarks There is an affiliated store “Bonaji Taste Imabari Sakurai Store” in the same prefecture

I visited for the first time because an acquaintance recommended that “Mazesoba” was delicious.

Vegetable oysters, garlic and back fat can be topped free of charge.
This time I had a vegetable cracking. It was a cold mixed soba, and the light sauce with pork bone was well entangled with flat noodles, and it was delicious.

Other customers were at this time of year, so ramen was the main. Maze soba may be perfect in the hot summer months.

There was a person who took a break from smoking after eating at a nearby table seat, but I was surprised because it was not a smoking cessation in the store at this time.

There is a stamp book that can be stamped with a bowl of ramen and a free cup for 10 pieces. I would like to try ramen next time because I have mazesoba in hot season.

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Syuu sen nin


Name agent
Address Sagawa Building 1F, 2-3-19 Nagakicho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Telephone number 070-5350-9009
Seats Counter 6 seats, table 2-seat × 3 tables
Nearest station Iyo Railway 1 system, Iyo Railway 2 system, etc. [Katsuyamacho Station]
Parking lot No parking lot

If you want to eat Jiro ramen in Matsuyama, this is the place to go.
The authenticity and taste are different, but the taste and volume are Jiro’s genealogy. The fee is prepayment system, and the menu is filled out by yourself on the prepared sheet.
Ladders, bricks and water are self-service. It is near the entrance. Why don’t you try it once?

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Pork Noodle Azito


Name Pork Noodle Azito
Address 3-2-8 Nakamura, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Telephone number 080-3163-8410
Business Hours 11:00〜14:00
※It ends as soon as it is sold out
Closed Sunday
Seats 10 seats
Nearest station Iyo Railway Yokogawara Line “Iyo Tachibana Station”
Parking lot There is a parking lot
Ramen with no doubt that the original soup that does not belong to any of the Jiro and family systems in the world is exquisite.
The noodles are thick eagle noodles, and the texture is wheat.
The soup is pork back fat soy sauce and moderate sweetness pours in later.
Since 200g of noodles are standard, all recommended ways of eating are normal for beginners even for men.
Women have half the noodles.
The second time, vegetable mash, garlic mash, back fat normal is the best.
Mashimashi is close to the challenge menu, so don’t take care of it. It is pointed out by the general.

I ate ramen in Tokyo and Yokohama, a battleground, with quite a ramen restaurant all over the country, but the taste was quite high.
Unfortunately, the store is closed once in a while, so be sure to check the advance information.

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Yumewo Katare, Matsuyama.


Name Tell me about your dreams, Matsuyama.
Address 1-2 Tetsu gunmachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime 790-0827
Business Hours 17:00〜23:00
[土] 11:00〜14:00/17:00〜23:00
[日] 11:00〜15:00
Closed Monday
Nearest station Iyo Railway 1 system, Iyo Railway 2 system [Tescho Station]

Pork ramen small 1000 yen
It was past 12 o’clock on weekdays, and I was able to sit almost without waiting.
The pig is gutsy and chewy

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Please go and eat delicious inspire!