Jiro-inspired ramen 5 selected shops in Osaka Japan

Vegetable garlic oil mashimashi flavored carame

Jiro ramen that attracts many people and does not stop.

The power of the appearance is enormous, and once you eat it, you may end up with a bite.

This time, we will introduce carefully selected shops in Osaka where you can eat Girorian recommended Jiro inspired ramen.

Please try to go by all means.


Jiro System List MAP


Ramen Fukurou

Source: https://osaka1.club/257.html

Address 15-24 Funabashicho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543-0024
Telephone number 06-7221-0640
Business Hours 11:00〜14:00/18:00〜22:00
Closed Wednesday
Seats Counter 9 seats
Smoking Non – smoking
Parking lot No parking lot
Menu See menu photos
Mini Ramen 150g ¥830
Ramen 250g ¥880
Medium ramen 300g 930 yen
Dai Ramen 400g 980 yen
Toku ramen 500g 1,030 yen

The soup is delicious!
As mentioned in the instructions, rich pork bones that have been emulsified firmly. The soup itself is delicious, so even if it is less garlic, satisfaction is high.
It is a so-called Jiro system, but I feel that it is a little elegant. Thank you for the feast.

I had miso ramen.
I think that Jiro Inspire is kind to the first time customer because the call is at the time of the order, and it explains carefully.
Shortcut sister, it was a customer service that I wanted to be cheerful and Hakihaki.
The shop is clean and the air conditioning is good,
The table is wide spaced and infection control is also very good.

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Nosuta OSAKA

Source: https://tabehodai.at.webry.info/201306/article_9.html

Address 8-5 Sennichimae Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0075
Telephone number Wow
Business Hours 11:00~15:00、18:00~22:00
Closed Tuesday
Seats Counter 17 seats
Smoking Non-smoking (non-smoking)
Parking lot Paid parking without parking
Menu Bribery soy sauce¥750
Bribery salt ¥800
Bribery ponzu ¥800
Bribery miso¥850
Bribery FIRE ¥880

Full volume! The amount of noodles, as well as boiled pork, is also satisfying to eat.
I don’t usually eat much, but I can eat the soy sauce deliciously until the end with the taste that becomes a habit.
Also, I think that you can enjoy the music in the store.

I was addicted before I was to know it!
There is no doubt if you ask for ponzu.
The amount is very large, but it is delicious to drink up to soup.
I think that it is good for more than half a year after eating, but it is such a ramen that I want to eat again the next day!

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Rekishiwo kizame of the head shop

Source: https://twitter.com/rekishi_honten

Address 5-1-60 Shimoshinjo, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka 533-0021
Telephone number 06-6195-5910
Business Hours 11:00~15:00/18:00~24:00
Closed Sunday
Monday, the day following sunday at the end of the month
Seats 12 counter seats, 1 table at the back
Smoking Non – smoking
Parking lot No parking lot
Menu Ramen (300g)¥750
Pork Ramen¥950
Pork W Ramen¥1100
Noodle increase (500g) is 100 yen increase ※400g

It is a fairly thick seasoning among the Jiro system.
Yasai has a good feeling of kuta- kuta, and it is the most delicious with plenty of karame.
The noodles are also stable thick gowawa noodles, and they are excellent in refreshing and chewy.

It is Jiro ramen. The noodles are thick and hard, the vegetables are crispy, the taste of fat and garlic is very my favorite
The staff were very friendly and helpful.
In particular, is he the manager? I felt refreshed when a leader said in a very good voice, “I’ll wait again!”

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 Dokamori Macho


Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/rochina/archives/1045700805.html

Address 2-7-22 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0073
Telephone number Wow
Business Hours 11:30~15:00/18:00~22:30
※The noodle cut end
Closed Tuesday
Seats Counter 15 seats
Smoking Non-smoking (non-smoking)
Parking lot Paid parking in the vicinity without parking
Menu Ramen (100g-315g) 730yen
Dai ramen (350g to 500g) 830 yen
Mazesoba (100g-315g) ¥760
Dai mazesoba (350g to 500g) 860 yen
Remarks Homemade noodles
Vegetables, garlic, abra, fish meal, carame / usume free

Jiro ramen is highly recommended to visit. It is normal to line up before opening. It is a taste that does not betray it. Mixed buckwheat noodles are soaked in taste and can be delicious until the end.

The meat is cut into sizes that are easy to eat in advance, and you can suddenly attach it. The compatibility of fat and onion chips is also good, and it enters with a slur.
The happiness index destroys scouters.

“Yasai increase”
“There are quite a lot of increase, but is it okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine!” he said.
It is feelings which cannot be said indescribably because the woman named is left more than half.
Order in the amount that everyone can eat.
Because it is a service.

The soup is good.
Isn’t it considerably high rank in the Jiro system?

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Source: https://twitter.com/aisubekitoaruhi/status/1348912817861103617

Address 7-2-6 Takaida Hondori, Higashiosaka, Osaka 577-0066
Telephone number Wow
Business Hours 11:30~15:00/18:00~22:30
Closed Monday
※In the case of a holiday, the next day
Seats 【Counter: 14 seats】
Smoking Non-smoking (there is a smoking space outside)
Parking lot No parking lot
Menu Ramen 800 yen
Pork ramen 1000 yen
Soupless ramen 800 yen
Ramen without tonjiru 1000 yen

It is the Jiro ramen of the push recently.
Vegetables are less than ramen-so series, but please note that there are quite a lot of back fat when increasing!
If you go late, the soup is getting emulsified and you can eat it in a very good condition.
I think that it is better to increase the hotness because the soy sauce is sometimes thin.

Quoted from googlemap

How was it?

Please go and eat delicious inspire!