5 local restaurants recommended by Hiroshima prefecture citizen


Hi, I’m Toraji.
I am a native Hiroshimaian, having lived in Hiroshima since birth.
Today, I’d like to introduce you to a personal favorite of mine, a place where you can eat local Hiroshima cuisine.

I hope you will try them when you come to Hiroshima!



Ramen 【Youki】(陽気)

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This restaurant is a long-established Hiroshima ramen store loved by all Hiroshima residents.

The soup is rich and really tasty.

It is also inexpensive and popular with the locals.
It is not well known to tourists, but if you want to eat ramen in Hiroshima, this is the place to go.

You’ll have ridiculously delicious pork bone soy sauce ramen.

Eva store Location:Hiroshimashi nakaku evaminami 3-4-1

Yokogawa store location : Hiroshimashi nishiku yokogawashinmachi 11-18
Japanese:広島市西区横川新町11−18(Just copy & paste to map!)

There are several restaurants, but the original main restaurant is in Eba
If you have time to spare, I recommend the Eba restaurant.



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The best Jiro-inspired ramen available in Hiroshima.
That is Takami.
(In Japanese, it is written “多華味”)

Jiro-inspired ramen is generally a shocking looking soy sauce ramen with vegetables piled high.

The taste varies widely from restaurant to restaurant, but Takami is one of the best!

If you are fascinated by the pictures, you should eat them anyway.

location : Hiroshimashi saekiku itsukaichi cyuo 4-1-2
Japanese:広島市佐伯区五日市中央4丁目1−2(Just copy & paste to map!)


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Cheap, very plentiful and tasty okonomiyaki restaurant.
Very popular with the locals because of the great value for money.

If you want to eat a lot of delicious okonomiyaki, this is the place to go.

location : Hiroshimashi nishiku kougonaka 3-1-29 Makitsubo
Japanese:広島市西区庚午中3丁目1−29 まきつぼ(Just copy & paste to map!)


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Anago-don (grilled sea eel + rice with sauce) is a hidden specialty of Hiroshima.
The price is moderate, but the taste is worth it.
You will be surprised at how delicious it is.
It is truly delicious, so if you come to Hiroshima, you should definitely try it.

location : Hiroshimaken hatsukaichishi miyajimaguchi 1-5-11
Japanese:広島県廿日市市宮島口1丁目5−11(Just copy & paste to map!)

Tsukemen-honpo 【Karabu】(つけ麺本舗 辛部)

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Hiroshima Tsukemen restaurant.
Hiroshima tsukemen is a noodle dish in which noodles are dipped in a spicy dipping sauce.
Kalabu’s tsukemen has much better noodles than other restaurants.
Noodles have elasticity
The sauce also has a strong flavor and is popular among Hiroshima residents.

つけ麺本舗辛部 広島駅前店

location : Hiroshimashi Minamiku matubaratyo 10-31 dai5hirakatsubiru17-101
Japanese:広島市南区松原町10−31 第5 平勝ビル17 101