Jiro-inspired Ramen in Mie prefecture 4 selected shops

“Ramen Jiro”

Its tremendous super volume, morimori look and addictive taste have created a large number of fans.

The “Jiro Inspire System” introduced this time is ramen that respects such Jiro and sublimates it into the taste of the shop after adding its own evolution.

Please take over Jiro’s soul and go to an inspire shop where you can enjoy the taste that has evolved further.


Jiro System List MAP


Hinode Ramen : Yokkaichi Store

Source: https://retty.me/area/PRE24/ARE250/SUB25001/100000733062/

Address 6-20 Suwaeicho, Yokkaichi City, Mie 510-0086
Telephone number 059-329-5121
Business Hours 11:00~16:00/17:00~22:30
※It ends as soon as it is sold out
Closed nonstop
Seats Counter about 10 seats, table seats available
Smoking Non – smoking
Nearest station Kintetsu Yunoyama Line, Internal Line, etc. “Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station”
Access From the east exit of Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station in the arcade
Parking lot No parking lot
Remarks Seafood soy sauce 650 yen
Jiro Hiji 750 yen

I think it’s fair to say that it is the god of B-class gourmet.
I do not know the B class beyond the guts noodle DX fried chicken!

It is a soupless ramen, and the noodles are thick
In so as not to get bored, there are seeds of taste, and what was the other one, the ichimi, tuna?
And egg yolks!

When it came to deep-fried chicken, the amount of oil of fa○ chiki is exceeded.
Juicy!! Even so, I’m crispy
I feel light clothing, but when I get into my stomach, I’m going to be dossin! It’s like saying

In addition, for changing the taste of niboshi flour and vinegar
There are also multiple seasonings
Never know how tired you are!

Moreover, the large serving is also free!!!!
Even if I’m confident in eating, I feel a little painful
Taste with a habit of asking many times!
It is very delicious!

Quoted from googlemap

Ramen Taido

Source: https://tabelog.com/mie/A2402/A240201/24011012/

Address 1-4-43 Higashi-Hino, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture
Telephone number 059-329-6493
Business Hours 11:00~15:00/17:00~22:00
※It ends as soon as the soup runs out
Closed Mondays (or the following day if Monday is a national holiday)
Smoking Non – smoking
Nearest station Hachioji Line “Hinaga Station”
Parking lot There is a parking lot
Menu Ramen 740 yen
Vegetable increase, garlic free

I see. Ramen with a divided evaluation.
It is not a taste of the family or the Jiro system of the soup which became popular recently.

It is ramen Taido original to the last.
Although it is only a counter seat, there is also a thing called corona evil, and the interval is opened luxuriously and it sits down.
A beautiful older sister is in charge of the counter and carefully made by the owner alone, so there is no clutter that tends to be found in ramen shops of this line.
The inside of the counter is kept clean and I think that you can see the politeness of work.

I ordered miso, vegetable mashimashi and garlic.
The noodles are thick and crispy, and the soup is crispy. Because the noodles of the Jiro system are combined with sapari soup, if you imagine a family and eat it, you will feel that the noodles are losing.

When you order vegetable mashimashi, it feels like the soup is even more disadvantageous because it is a crumble bean sprout and cabbage.
The char siu is thickly sliced and crispy, so you can get crispy.
Menma is soft and feels a little unsatisfactory.
Garlic was normal, but it contains quite a lot, so be careful if you plan to meet people after eating.
The power of vegetable mashimashi was a greatly satisfying amount, but because it is a crisp soup, you can get a drop without sticking.

Because it is an elegant soup, I think that it is the best choice to stop vegetables well and have little garlic.

Quoted from googlemap


Source: https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001027334/

Address 3-4-11 Shinmachi, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture
Telephone number 059-213-7012
Business Hours 11:30~14:30、17:30~23:00
Closed Irregularly
Seats Counter 12 seats, table 4 seats
Smoking Non – smoking
Nearest station Kintetsu Nagoya Line “Tsushinmachi Station”
Parking lot There is a parking lot 22 cars
Menu Rounden¥710
Remarks Weekday lunch time half rice free

It is a shop that is always waiting for the valuable shop “Rakujin” where you can eat Jiro-based in Mie Prefecture.
The parking lot is shared, but there are enough cars, so you can safely park it.
The inside of the store is a counter seat and a table seat, so I will sit down by guidance.
Unlike many Jiro-based shops, this is not a ticket system, so I order it after I get to my seat. (I have time to think.) )

At the same time as ordering, Jiro-based spells are cast. Vegetables, karame, abura, garlic, and rakujin’s characteristic is that shaved bonito flakes are on board, and this can also be adjusted in quantity.
The amount of vegetables is not so good though there is a photograph. I think that it is safe to increase. There is also a fine if you leave an increase.
In addition, noodles are usually 200g, and if you look small, boiled eggs will be attached.
The bowl is about the size of a larger udon bowl than a ramen bowl, so it is full. Noodles are difficult to serve unless vegetables are reduced. The noodles are thick noodles and go well with vegetable soup.

The soup is not super rich and greasy, so please finish it as you like with must-have and fat.
If you put too much garlic, the soup will be more spicy, so be careful,
The pig is not a large swing of the Jiro system, but a feeling of an ordinary rose char siu.
On weekdays, small rice is free, but I hardly see people who ask.

There is also Tsukemen, and there are quite a few people who are asking, but I have never asked, so I am unknown.
After eating, you are free to raise the dishes to the counter. It is not compulsory.
Finally, pay by accounting and you will be a feast.
It is a popular shop because it is one of the few valuable Jiro-type shops in Mie Prefecture, so you should be prepared to wait outside around 12 o’clock.
Thank you for always ramen.

Quoted from googlemap

Menya Apare : Ise Tamaki Store

Source: https://www.cocolocala.jp/spots/50855

Address Lucky Plaza Ise Tamaki store at 255 Matsumoto, Kubo, Tamaki-cho, Mie Prefecture Dokai County
Telephone number 0596-20-5558
Business Hours 11:30〜21:00
Closed Irregular holidays (basic Wednesdays)
Nearest station JR Sangu Line “Miyagawa Station”
Parking lot There is a parking lot
Remarks 26th absurd and super ridiculous free
Free lunch

A valuable Jiro ramen shop in Mie Prefecture.
Like Jiro, the amount of carame, garlic, and abra can be increased by call, and the amount of fish meal can also be increased.

The price of yasai goes up according to the increase with masi, masimashi, bakamashi and bulking.
Noodles are usually 200 grams in their prime, and you can increase them by 100 grams by paying.
The taste is soy sauce pork bone, and it is not as high as Jiro’ junk feeling, but it is a soup that can feel the sweetness that seems to be derived from vegetables.

The noodles, like other Jiro-based noodles, are flat thick noodles, and the soup is well entangled, and it is chewy as a gowago.

There are no shops around here where you can eat Jiro ramen, so it’s a nice place! !
I buy an order at a ticket machine, but I can make it super cottery because I can top it with garlic, fish meal, abra, carame with a service, and it is good when I want to eat it tightly! !
If you want to make it more gutsy, you can increase vegetables for a fee, and the amount can be reduced from a little to heaps, so it is good to be able to choose according to the stomach condition at that time.

Because it is Jiro system, it is natural, but if you make too many vegetables, the amount of vegetables was amazing by the time you got to the noodles! Because it was a shop attached to a pachinko parlor, it was quite crowded with pachinko parlor customers at dinner time.

Quoted from googlemap

How was it?

Please go and eat delicious inspire!