Jiro-inspired Ramen in Shiga prefecture 4 selected shops

“Ramen Jiro”

Its tremendous super volume, morimori look and addictive taste have created a large number of fans.

The “Jiro Inspire System” introduced this time is ramen that respects such Jiro and sublimates it into the taste of the shop after adding its own evolution.

Please take over Jiro’s soul and go to an inspire shop where you can enjoy the taste that has evolved further.


Jiro System List MAP


Mutepou Shaba ton

Source: https://gyoten-change-diet.com/2020/08/03/about-the-difference-between-a-muteppou-and-syabaton/

Address 〒630-8041 124-1 Rokujo-cho, Nara-shi, Nara
Telephone number 0742-36-2700
Business Hours 11:00~15:00/18:00~23:00
Closed Monday
Seats Counter 14 seats, table 2 tables (4 people each)
Smoking Non-smoking (smoking is prohibited in both the store and in the line)
Nearest station Kintetsu Kashihara Line “Nishinokyo Station”
Parking lot There is a parking lot about 10 cars
Menu Pork soba 750 yen
Pork Tsukemen 800 yen
Light Chinese soba 700 yen

It is a shop of the reckless series.
I was worried that Jiro ramen was tight in terms of age, but when I actually ate it, I was surprisingly chururu.
Isn’t the fat that greasy?

The eggs are also soft-boiled and nice.
Garlic is divided into small plates, so you can taste it.
It was like a gentle Jiro.

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Jankuya Tetsu

Source: https://jellyb.exblog.jp/22284291/

Address Kitada Building 1F, 1-3-5 Tomio-Kita, Nara City, Nara 631-0076
Telephone number 0742-51-5670
Business Hours 11:30~14:30/18:00~23:00
※It ends as soon as the soup runs out
Closed nonstop
Seats 16 seats
Smoking Non – smoking
Nearest station Kintetsu Nara Line “Tomio Station”
Parking lot There is a parking lot for 2 cars
Menu Ramen (200g) 650 yen
Ramen Daimori (300g) 650 yen Tsukemen 750 yen Ramen topping
Vegetable increase free of charge
Garlic increase Free
Abra More Free
Bonito increase free
Karame Free

I had been looking at it since the opening, but I finally visited.
The customer service is insanely polite and feels good.
As a Jiro-inspired store in Kansai, it has been doing it since a fairly early stage, and it has been over 10 years.

It is a rude expression, but the impression at the moment of putting a yasai wearing oil in your mouth is “Drank?”.

Whether bonito flakes and sweet kaeshi made it do so, the ultrado emulsified soup is quite delicious with a rich and sweet seasoning anyway.

Both pork and noodles are unique, yet very delicious.

It doesn’t matter at all whether it’s Jiro or not, but it’s an original ramen that’s alongside Mario-ryu in Nara.

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Yumewo Katare, Nara.

Source: https://tabelog.com/nara/A2901/A290101/29012099/

Address Wada Building 1F, 31 Yanagimachi, Nara City, Nara 630-8353
Business Hours 11:30~14:00/17:30~20:00
[日] 11:30~14:00
Closed Monday
Smoking Non – smoking
Nearest station “Nara Station” on the JR Kansai Main Line (Kamo to JR Namba), Nara Line, etc.
Parking lot Without

I visited because there is also a so-called Jiro-based shop in Nara.

It is said that they will line up full in the store and buy a meal ticket when entering the store. The clerk will really carefully advise you on the amount of noodles.

You can also tell us about so-called calls in advance, so I think it is a shop that you can feel safe even for the first time.

As for the amount of noodles and vegetables, there are some things that are somewhat eya for the first time, but it is a little better.

The taste and volume were really satisfying.
Ramen that I want to eat again strangely.

I would definitely like to ask you again.

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Jankuya | Ken

Source: https://tabelog.com/nara/A2903/A290302/29009666/

Address 122-7 Sodain, Yamatotakada City, Nara Prefecture
Nearest station JR Wakayama Line “Yamato Shinjo Station”
Parking lot And

It is a so-called Jiro-inspired ramen shop, and it is a shop that follows the genealogy of “Junkya Tetsu” in Tomio, Nara City.

I will compare it by all means if it is an affiliated store, but I feel that the soup is simpler than Tetsu, or the color is stronger and the richness is weak.
If you often go to Jiro Inspire system, if you order for the first time, please order carame normally.
(You can also add it later), so if you want the taste of “Jiro Inspire system”, this one may be closer.
(Still, there is a little soy sauce spicy feeling)

However, it is not that it is not unpleasant, and it is addictive that it is the real pleasure of this ramen with the accent of the served yasai, the char siu with toro, the accent of bonito, and the junky back fat, and it is addictive that you want to go again inadvertently.
You may want to go through several times to establish your style.

The time to serving depends on the timing of entry.
You can only cook 5-6 cups at a time, so if you enter immediately after ordering, you will be kept waiting for one round.
(This is not limited to this shop, but a level of common sense in Jiro and Inspire systems), so please think that it is timing that the serving is slow.
Also, the customer service is very good, and I want the head family (Tetsu) to learn from this.

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How was it?

Please go and eat delicious inspire!