1@A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life and went on a trip abroad in search of his last place

For less than 10 years of social life, I live socially without knowing that I am a developmental disabled person, I have a hard time, I change jobs 8 times → unemployed → be shaken by her! On top of eating the Golden Combo of

ADHD’s discovery → I couldn’t live a decent life.

And the flashbacks by PTSD, and the extreme human hatred because of the encounter too badly.

It is disastrous.

I broke up with her, and I lost my job and income, and it really didn’t matter.
It stopped because it was bibi though it was thought whether it did self XXXX when it avenged one by one by those who were made to make the pungent acid to be licked, it turned, and it was likely to be caught.

It does not have the courage to do self XXXXX either.

Then, while
traveling abroad that I love at the end, I decided to go on a trip thinking that it would be my wish if it ended somewhere.

I don’t know where I’m going. It’s appropriate.

I have no plans to come back.


ADHD, foreign countries, no-inn, solo travelers,dangerous words are packed, but overseas travel accident insurance is not included

In addition,
I do not use airplanes that can be easily gone and returned.
The basics are human power.


Is the means of transportation a bicycle?

However, it does not have the bicycle etc.

I don’t have any knowledge of bicycles. I’ve never fixed a puncture. I’ve been back for about a year, so I don’t have strength.

It is a no-zushi, but nowadays you can get anything on the net.
Will you use it in AmaOn and purchase it appropriately?

I’m ready for a trip for the time being.
We plan to procure those that are not there locally, but we must buy the minimum.

I stayed on the net and bought a three-piece set (tent sleeping bag air mat).
The sleeping bag is a sloppy guy of about 1,000 yen.
I bought a little good guy about 30,000 because the tent would be troubled if a hole was made.
The air mat for preventing bottom cooling was about 8,000 yen.

I bought a bicycle at a chari shop. It’s a 49,000 Arai cross bike.
It looks good if you choose it appropriately.
There was an optional mud removal.
I purchased it because there was no stand and a loading platform.
I had the clerk install it.

Reference: How to choose a bicycle and equipment when running overseas

I borrowed a portable gas stove from my parents.
(I didn’t plan to come back to Japan anymore.)

I bought a waterproof bag to attach to the loading platform.

I bought
a puncture repair kit (I was taught lightly by my parents how to use it)

It’s enough, and the rest is to pack clothes and things in your bag and leave.
I can’t help but have a weakening muscle strength, but if you’re traveling, you’ll get along with it.

Well, do you go?
To parents

I’m going on a journey, I’m not going home anymore.”

It said and it left by the bicycle.

It continues

(Around September 20, 2016)

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