193@Romania getting ★ kanpan separately | fishing and old man

– A story about a developmental disability who despaired of life went on a trip abroad in search of the last place –

Oha Silet!!


Sileto Day 2

I wonder if my heart was accumulated in various matters such as wallets, down until noon.

It’s not good to be overworked. Let’s stay another night.

I went from noon to the whole town for money change.

And in the afternoon,

The uncle said whether to fish in the pond under the house.

When I asked him what to do, the bait made me dig the earthworms.

Earthworms? It’s a good fishing catch.

The pond
looks like something is good.

I tried cutting the earthworms.

Bacha BachaBacha !!!

Mizu was eaten by something.

This is full of belly pee fish ~~! ! smile

I hang the thread directly underneath.


I’m going to be !!!

Is it a fana that has been
eaten in an instant?
fish as if it were interesting
I ate it immediately when I put
a wiener on the bait.
Is it
all fna?

It was fun.

There were no cooking utensils and facilities, so I gave all the fish I caught to my old man.

The man fried me and made me eat fish.

Thank you. It was good.

When I told him that he was leaving early tomorrow morning, he gave me kampan.

It’s an excellent emergency food that’s also used in the military.

The water was also filled with plastic bottles.

Thank you. I’ll have to save for a while from now on and I’ll save.

Uncle and me.


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